Employment Law

Employment law affects all of us, as an employer or as an employee. Rohe Advocaten advises both employers and employees with regard to entering into employment agreements as well as disputes regarding employment disability, work performance and, when necessary, the termination of an employment agreement.

Rohe Advocaten also advises in the related field of independent contractor and freelance agreements.

Contacts: Maarten Hilberdink and Sem Bakker

Administrative Law & Government

Government is omnipresent and takes decisions that radically influence the position of civilians, businesses and institutions. Rohe has substantial experience in this field and helps bring about desired decision making. If necessary, Rohe can assist in an administrative law procedure. Rohe has a good eye for (im)possibilities, interests and relationships and works in a practical and targeted manner. Our expertise covers environmental law, zoning law, supervision and enforcement. Additionally Rohe has specific knowledge and experience in the areas of event licenses, (European) subsidies and right of information.

Contact Martijn Diepenhorst and Wyke de Vos

Trade Law

The Netherlands has several large logistic hubs, such as the sea ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport. Through these hubs millions of tons of goods pass annually, on the basis of thousands of trading relationships.

Rohe advises on the different types of commercial contracts, such as distribution, agency and franchising, purchase and sales agreements, terms and conditions, product liability and building contracts. Additionally Rohe also handles related insurance law, payment transaction and collection disputes.

Trade law often includes an international component. International trade agreements may lead to legal proceedings if no result is provided by a conflict resolving approach. Rohe Advocaten assists both national and international clients in procedures in the Netherlands and the management of procedures abroad.

Contacts: Ernst Bulthuis, Jonathan Barth and Maarten Hilberdink


Rohe Advocaten advises creditors, directors and companies with regards to the rights, risks and obligations arising from insolvency.
Contact: Jonathan Barth

Intellectual Property, IT & Privacy

Any business wants to distinguish itself from its competitors and protect the investments made in its products and reputation. The laws of intellectual property provide this protection.

Rohe Advocaten provides expert assistance in the exploitation of Intellectual Property rights, as well as litigation in case of infringement of rights, both for plaintiffs as well as defendants.

Rohe Advocaten advises in the field of copyright law, trademarks, trade names, design rights, protection of know how, privacy law, patent law and IT contracts.

Contacts: Sem Bakker

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is relevant to the starting, financing, structuring, purchasing or selling of an enterprise. Rohe Advocaten provides assistance in managing the risks, the negotiations and the drafting of documents of any such transaction.

Rohe Advocaten provides advice and, if required, litigation services with regard to joint ventures, partnerships, (international) distribution, corporate liability, shareholder disputes and corporate succession.

With regard to (semi)public institutions, Rohe Advocaten has specific expertise with regard to varying forms of collaboration such as support foundations and customised partnership forms.

Contacts: Maarten Hilberdink and Jonathan Barth

Real Estate Law

Rohe has substantive expertise in the area civil as well as administrative real estate law. Rohe can assist you in rental and letting matters (amongst others), furthermore we advise on (temporary) housing approval and development. We also have vast experience with building permits and zoning issues.

Contacts Jonathan Barth, Martijn Diepenhorst and Wyke de Vos

Maritime Law & Transport Law

Rohe Advocaten has specialist expertise in the logistics and offshore industry. We advise and litigate on transportation agreements, charters, rental agreements and contracts for work, for all transport modalities. Rohe has substantial experience in international maritime law and inland shipping, including collision and salvage matters. Rohe Advocaten also assists clients who are prosecuted for maritime crimes.

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